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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Folio in a Folio Album

Hi Everyone!  I have a new project for you today!  I have seen a lot of folio projects, but I haven't seen one like this...If you know of something similar, please let me know.  

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy.  This is a LONG POST!  There is no real tutorial, but I'll describe stuff I did in this album.  I sure hope you like it.  At the end of the post I'll have a list of all of the products I used.  It is made mostly of Tim Holtz products, but there is a few other things. 

I made this because I had an idea and wanted to see if it would work, then I decided to see how many of the products in my stash I could use.  I did NOT buy a single thing to make this.  I don't know if that is a good thing or not!  HAHA!

 I had a large folio and took the elastics off, then covered with papers.  This is the front.
 This is the back.  I replaced the elastic with two loops of elastic.  Once I filled this bad boy up it held the cover better.
 Here's where the folio in the folio happened.  I had a smaller one, adhered it on the inside cover of the bigger one, and taa daa!
 Here is the cover of that folio.  Cute little baby!  I adhered magnets under the flap to keep it closed.
 Opening the small folio...
 ...inside the folio.  I filled it with a bunch of things.
 I filled it with all sorts of cards and tags and ephemera.  I even decorated a clipboard to put inside.
 Here is the other side of the folio.  It is basically like the other folios, except I made full sized pages.
 I created a magnetic band closure for the first page, because I used the page mechanism from the small folio to create a cascade of pages, and I needed a way to contain it!
 I just used kraft card stock to create pages and photo mats.  All of the embellishments are adhered so that pictures can tuck underneath.
 Please, enjoy the pictures... (and please excuse the pink sticky note that is peeking through.  I wrote notes on it and forgot to remove it before I took the pictures!)
 Some photo mats are adhered to create pockets for tags and other goodies.


 As you can see, I combined a ton of Tim Holtz Goodies.  This is the last page of the waterfall page. (And I removed the sticky note!!!)
 Some pages have long pockets on the sides where I tucked all sorts of goodies.
 Some pages have smaller pockets on the bottom.
 All of the pockets are filled with awesome goodies and places to write journaling and add pictures.  I can already see my family in the vintage style frames.
 Here is another fun page.  On the left I created a booklet with envelopes, and on the right I created a triple page flip.
 I adhered the envelopes with the flaps, made a finger pull spot, and filled the pockets with the goodies below.

 The triple page flip.  As a side note, I used the page mechanism that came with the large folio as the binding of the pages.  I just adhered the mechanism to the back of the folio, then added kraft pages as I felt like it and decorated.  For the triple flip, I just cut that particular piece of the mechanism into three pieces and layered the kraft mini pages to them.  Super easy!

 More pockets under the photo mats.
 This is the back side of the page flip, and the back of the folio.  With the mechanism I not only adhered the pages, but also used the widest part to create the pocket.
 Here are the goodies inside the last pocket.
 All folded up...
This was SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE!!!  I just had an idea and started to create.  It did take a while, but the results are amazing.  I hope you try this project also!  If you do, let me know what your imagination comes up with!

Here is a list of all of the products I used:

By Tim Holtz:

1 large and 1 small folio
Elastic loops
Paper lines Memoranda, Wallflower and Correspondence
Vintage Photo Distress Ink
Journaling Tickets
Pocket Cards
Glassine Pockets
Cabinet Card Frames
Mini Cabinet Card Frames
Photo Booth Cards
Mini Paper Clips
Index Clips
Found Relatives Cards
Paper String
Flash Cards
Gem Clips
Film Strip Ribbon
File Tabs
Botanical Layers
Collector Layers
Game Spinner Pieces
Ephemera Pack Thrift Shop
Watch Cameo

Other Stuff:

Jellybean Kraft Tags
Jenni Bowlin Printed Tags
Paper Accents Kraft Postcards
Large Brown Tags (Given to me by my Sassy Sister Elsa!  Thank you!)
Bazille Kraft Cardstock
Basic Grey Magnetic Disks
Score Tape
Scotch Liquid Glue


Have a wonderfully crafty day!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Celebrating a Marriage!

I created this page to hang in my craft room.  These pictures were taken at my brother and sister-in-law's 20th wedding anniversary!  (And yes, it took me a year to finally get around to doing it.)  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of them TOGETHER (she is in the left picture and he is in the right) but we got some great pictures of the whole party and we got to share in their amazing celebration.

I really really really wish I could remember who made this kit.  I, like a dummy, didn't write it down. UGH!  But it was super easy to do.  The mat lays over the background paper, giving a dimensional look.  Then I just layered pictures and embellishments and taa daa!

I look at it every day and smile.

Have a wonderful day full of love and fun!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Butterfly Mobile

I just had to show you the mobile I made!  It was from an SEI paper crafting kit club kit that I have had in my stash for a while.  It soooooo belonged in this corner of our "grandkids room".  I didn't add as many butterflies as they wanted me to in the pattern, and I think it turned out just as nice!  It looks just BEAUTIFUL when the breeze catches it!

Have a crafty day!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Home Sweet Home

 One one of our famous Creating Keepsakes adventures I picked up this kit.  It is by Nicole Harper of The Hen's Den.  Unfortunately, they were not coming back to the next convention...but that meant that they were having a sale.  I love this paper line, and I had to buy it.
 The kit sat in my pile of to do stuff for a while, and I finally decided to put it together.  The paper line is by Graphic 45, and it is called "Home Sweet Home".
 The top lid has a drawer that pulls out.
The bottom box is intended to be a recipe card file.  I have this box sitting in my office on the desk.  It is just sitting there looking beautiful, and I haven't figured out what to put in it yet.  No worries though, I will get this dilemma straightened out soon.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a crafty day!


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fun with my Happy Planner

Hi everyone!  I'm back.  I took a little time off because I was suffering from that awful cold that was going around and then we were out of town on vacation.  But, I'm back, and I'm back with a plan.  

I am also very, very, very behind on my posts.  Today I sat down and made a plan about how I was going to get all of my posts done and share them with you.  My plan starts with catching up.  So, even though this is August, I am sharing an April layout with you.  I hope you like it.

I love my Happy Planner, and I decorate it all of the time.  I also love to go to Craft Warehouse and see what kinds of wonderful things they have for me to use in my planner.  These lovely supplies just happened to fall into my basket.  I just had to buy them!

I love how cool this turned out.  Some of the stickers aren't colored...I haven't used them yet, I can't bring myself to try to color them.  I will soon, I hope.

Anyway, just a layout that I thought you would like to see.  Have a wonderful day, and have fun crafting and planning!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

A 4th of July Themed Pinwheel

Hi!  I haven't done a lot of crafting for the 4th of July this year.  I did buy, FINALLY, a barn star that was painted as an American Flag, which I thought was cool. But today, I decided to craft a little something.

The Pinwheel Punch by We R Memory Keepers isn't new, but it is new to me.  I decided to make a pinwheel for my granddaughter and came up with a few hints and tips that I thought you would like to know.  I haven't researched anyone else's blogs for experiences.  I came up with this all on my own.  If I do describe something that someone else already covered, it is purely coincidental.

For my methods along with the pinwheel kit and board, you will also need 3/8" x 12" wooden dowels, some adhesive, an extra strip of coordinating paper 3/8" x 12", and if you want, some sort of embellishment to go on top of the mechanism.
 This is how mine turned out.  The papers are an old line by K and Company.  I only had 3 papers left, I used 2 (cut to 11" square) to make this 14 1/2" pinwheel.
 After making the two pinwheel pieces you have to line them up.  There is a hole created in the middle of the papers that the mechanism goes through.  I used a little adhesive around the hole, just enough to hold the papers in alignment.  I didn't do this the first time, and they slipped, the adhesive solved that problem.  After putting the top of the mechanism on I added a chipboard embellishment to it to cover it.
 On the back I decided to take a 3/8" x 12" piece of paper that was leftover, added adhesive, and wrapped it around the back of the mechanism.  This created an extra space between the handle and the pinwheel.  I found that if I didn't do it then when the pinwheel turned it hit the handle.  This gave a little more space and it did't hit the handle anymore.
 This is the picture of the dowel inside the paper tube.  I'm making this for my granddaughter to play with.  It needs to be a little more sturdy.  It slid in easy, but fit tight.  It won't come out.
This is the whole mechanism...The top left is the cap, then the tube that the pinwheel goes on which fits over the right piece.  The hollow tube fits over the paper stem, I added the dowel.  It works perfectly.  I think I am going to make more now!

Have a fun and safe Independence day!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Some New Garden Art!

Hello!!!  Welcome to my little world, literally!

My mom got me interested these after she made a fairy house out of the leftover trunk of a tree.  I thought that I had some pots that needed some love, so I tried my hand at it.  

 The gnome home is my first attempt.  I got all of the items either at Craft Warehouse, Michael's or JoAnn's.  I love how it turned out.  Since this picture was taken I have added a few more things.  I am not the only one who loves it...some little critter has been playing in it!  Several times I have had to put things back where they go, as they are all messed up and not where they are supposed to be!
 This is my troll home...and I love it!  These little guys are so cute!
 I found a little dragon, and knew that they needed a pet for the pond under the bridge.  This one seems to stay intact...critters are leaving this one alone.  I wonder if it is the rocks that deters them?
These are super fun to put together and very easy.  And, the best part is that I didn't pay full price for anything...watch those sales and coupons!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Planner Clip Organization

 Hi All!  Lately I have been super absorbed in my planner goodies that I haven't done much else.  This time, I was focused on making planner clips and tassels for charms.  I dug into my stash of goodies and found a few items that ended up making some super cute clips.
 For most of the clips I tried to find two pieces that mirrored each other so that both sides of the clips were pretty.  I just glued them together at the top of the clip and it was done!  Super easy.
 Here is the tassel that I made.  I hooked it into the rings of my Happy Planner.  I think it provides a really nice little piece of pretty for my planner.
 This is a look at some of my stuff on one of my bookshelves.  My other planners and notebooks live here.  Then theres this nice little organizer...
 It holds all of my other fun paper clips that I have collected over the years.  They are nice and organized!  But then I thought I needed to organize the really fun and bulky clips that I have.  So, I came up with the idea below.
 I took a 3 ring binder and some thick plastic tabbed dividers.  I cut slits in the pages and just placed my clips in an organized fashion on the pages.  Super easy peasy!
 I made those button clips years ago.
 I got into making tasseled paper clips a little while ago, here is my collection.
 Some of these I didn't make.
 Here starts my collection of tabbed/bookmark style clips.

Staying organized is a huge part of the planner game.  Now I know where all of my cool clips are and I can find them easy.

Stay organized, and thanks for coming by to see me!